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Une beauté et un toucher plus vrais que nature, sans les contraintes liées à la conservation et à l’entretien des végétaux. C’est ce que propose Bloomsart, une société spécialisée dans les fleurs artificielles haut de gamme. Vous pouvez piocher à votre convenance dans une large gamme de services sur mesure et créatifs, pour des bouquets élégants ou extravagants, exposés en permanence ou pour marquer un événement particulier.

“Nothing says welcome more than flowers” Bloomsart 

We believe that flowers are an international way of communication. They say “welcome” in any language… so if you run a hotel, restaurant, private or commercial business, with an interior/exterior public space and you aspire to create the perfect atmosphere for your visitors, we can certainly help.
Wilting flowers are in the past. Out flowers add a touch of luxury to any event.
Bloomsart flowers are kinder to allergy-suffers; no more staining with our blooms; year-round delivery of your favourite flowers; arrangements can be purchased or rented. 

BloomsArt is
A premium floral company, the finest quality silk flowers mixed with fresh foliage to create the most natural-looking bouquets and arrangements for any occasion.
Our range is available to buy or rent monthly.
Elegant bouquets for homes, outdoor greenery and stylish arrangements for private clients and businesses to extravagant displays for hotels, restaurant, golf clubs, yachts, real estates and special events.

  • BloomsArt is a London based premium floral solutions company that offers an exclusive new product to the UK market.
  • Creating innovative bespoke floral designs by using top quality Silk  Real Touch (RTT) Flowers which blend with fresh foliage making an array of natural-looking bouquets,arrangements and floral window installations.
  • We offer a cost beneficial fresh look at alternative options to the traditional florist, whilst at the same time giving you the freedom to either Rent or Buy.

We pride ourselves in the highest level of customer service and responsiveness and each customer is treated as an individual project which deserves the best custom design we can create and we would be delightful to offer you complimentary one month trail tall flower arrangement.

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